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Cha Cha

Listen up! you’ll definitely like this one. ChaCha is experimental search engine with an amazing twist that many people should find useful, time saving end even entertaining.

While major search engines like Google can do a good job for simple search, the moment search terms become more complicated or include spammer-loved words like download or free, finding stuff you need becomes harder. When it comes to Chacha it uses experienced human guide to do searching for you. You can request Chacha to connect you to a professional guide by entering search term and selecting ‘Search with guide’. Based on your search term it connects you to the best available professional who’ll ask yu couple of questions and do all the searching for you.

As complicated as it may sound, it all happens quite fast. I have asked the guide to get me free disk partitioning tools and in approximately 1-2 minutes I had 2,3 options to choose from. Alternatively to ‘Search With Guide’ there is also a ‘ChaCha Search’ option which searches through all previous results provided by guides and the web. Using standard ‘Chacha search’ I was able to detect most of the things I searched for, only drawback is that it is quite slow. But considering that ChaCha is still at experimental stage, many improvements are still there to come.

For the time being you may use ‘Search With Guide’ option if you have trouble finding something yourself or simply need some assisstance. Chacha guides are paid based on their performance so it is in their best interests to get you what you need. After every request, you can rate guide based on the results.


Some more features

  • get Chacha firefox toolbar or integrate it into default firefox search field as an option from here.
  • visit chacha underground where you can browse different guides and view Guide’s PSR’s (previous search results)
  • Want to become a guide, apply here.(pay rate starts from $5 to $20 per hour based on your performance)

Try it out right from here

ChaCha Search Search

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  1. Scorpionâ„¢
    August 15, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    I have many invites left with me. Kindly send me an email to for more details. I can also give you free tips on cracking the test.
    Note: Applicants must be 18 or above
    Should be a US citizen
    Should have a valid SSN for payment purposes. - ChaCha guide since 2006.

  2. Chad Kelley
    June 15, 2008 at 3:12 pm

    Become a ChaCha guide and use me as your reference, i am a ChaCha Master Guide! is my email address to use as your chacha guide reference when your doing your application.

    thanks =)