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If you are the organizer of a picnic or other eating event, it would be very helpful to get people’s food orders ahead of time so there are not any unexpected shortages on the event day. An online meal ordering tool that lets you gather those meal pre-orders is Cenabo.

meal ordering system

meal ordering system

Cenabo is a simple to use website that lets you collect pre-orders for an eating event. The overall usage of the site is quite simple. First you create an event and add its details such as name, date, and number of attendees. Then you create a menu by naming it and adding entries to it; you can create categories for entries and add a description plus price for each meal entry. Finally you start inviting the event’s attendees after which they preorder their meals.

The site’s free package will be sufficient for private users but caterers and bigger organization will find the paid packages more suitable because in addition to the top features, the paid packages allow unlimited party sizes and real-time event tracking.


  • A user friendly service.
  • Lets you collect preorders for meals.
  • Lets you create a comprehensive menu.
  • Ideal for organizers of food-related events.

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