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This week in Weird & Wonderful Web, we look at all things Thanksgiving, with a particular focus on the stranger side of this American holiday that just passed us. We hear the story of Thanksgiving from the perspective of children, discover a multitude of Thanksgiving facts most people aren’t aware of, learn all about Thanksgiving dinner table etiquette, and listen to the worst Thanksgiving-themed song ever recorded, among other things.

Wacky Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is, unsurprisingly, all about tradition. It is after all commemorating an event that happened 400 years ago. Many of the traditions that have built up around Thanksgiving make sense, but others do not, as we can see in this Main Street slideshow. Such as holding a massive paintball tournament, continuing the party into the weekend by eating the leftovers, and holding a contest to see who can balance a spoon on their nose for the longest period of time. Each of which is a Thanksgiving tradition for at least one family apiece. So now you know.

The Story Of Thanksgiving

Every American knows (or at least should know) the story of Thanksgiving, but kids tend to take a while to grasp facts and figures. As can be seen perfectly demonstrated in this video, which tells the story of Thanksgiving as seen through the eyes of several children. They know the main narrative, but they go a little awry when it comes to filling in the details. Prepare to facepalm several times while watching this.

Strange Thanksgiving Turkeys


What would Thanksgiving be without a turkey? Just another regular Thursday, of course. The turkey is the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving table, so it has to be perfect or the family will bitch and moan until the chef wants to insert the bird into a particular orifice of theirs. But why stick with tradition? There are plenty of different, and rather odd, ways to liven up the Thanksgiving turkey, as this slideshow on Delish proves.

Thanksgiving Facts

Mental_Floss specializes in separating fact from fiction, and it turns out there is a lot more we don’t know about Thanksgiving than most people realize. For example, did you know buckled hats weren’t in fashion at the time of the first Thanksgiving? Or that the Pilgrims were more likely to have eaten swan than turkey? No, you didn’t know either of those things, so don’t try and pretend that you did.

Weird Thanksgiving Guests

Thanksgiving dinners usually see the whole family, plus distant relatives and best friends, all gathered around the table enjoying both the food and each other’s company. Which is all well and good, except for those dinner guests who end up being a little bit weird. Refinery29 has a list of 10 weird relatives you’re sure to encounter at Thanksgiving, including the boozehound grandma and the passive aggressive mom.

Thanksgiving Etiquette

If you were hoping this video would teach you the real etiquette to observe at the Thanksgiving dinner table then you’re out of luck. Instead, we learn about what not to do while eating your Thanksgiving meal thanks to the experiences of Billy, a never-seen character who has clearly got problems. If you don’t laugh at least once at this video then I fear you have no joy left in your life.

Awkward Thanksgiving Photos

Awkward Family Photos is a fantastically funny website which pulls together the best photos Look At That Photograph: 7 Websites Full Of Funny Photos Look At That Photograph: 7 Websites Full Of Funny Photos There are quite a few of us here at MakeUseOf who are very keen on photography. I count myself as one of those people, though I do it purely for fun. I'm not even that... Read More that one family or another thought would look good at one point in time. Costumes, props, poses, and misery are the order of the day, and the pictures tagged with Thanksgiving are among the best the site has to offer. This one, offering a glimpse into family fun and frolics, is my personal favorite.

It’s Thanksgiving!

We finish with a song, as all the best entertainment does. Unfortunately this isn’t a good song, in fact it’s very, very bad. It is, however, all about Thanksgiving, hence its appearance in this celebration of all things related to that holiday.

This is the work of Nicole Westbrook, who shouldn’t be let near a microphone ever again. She isn’t to blame though, as that has to fall squarely on one Patrice Wilson, best known for writing and producing Friday by Rebecca Black. Give thanks that that song will remain the high point of his career, no matter how hard he tries to reproduce the “magic.

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