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Flickr is one of the more popular photo-sharing websites that teachers use for material for many reasons. It has a wide range of photos available for any given topic, a very invested user base making it easy to find high quality shots, and its photo search tools is the best in the internet. However, those who want to use these images will need to cite them properly, which can inconvenient for those not familiar how to get proper citation. A new Chrome extension called Flickr CC Attribution Helper makes this a lot easier.

attribution for flickr photos

Once installed, Flickr CC Attribution Helper will occupy a space in Flickr’s right sidebar where you can find generated attribution for the image your are viewing. The attributions are available in HTML and text format. With this tool, you only need to copy and paste the string to your relevant material and not worry whether you are doing your citations wrong.

Flickr CC Attribution is a great tool not only for teachers, but also for students to learn proper citation of work done by others. Small as it is, making the citation process easier will make Creative Commons license a more robust and well-recognized standard for licensing and properly distributing images.


  • Adds proper citation for images under Creative Commons in Flickr.
  • Available on Google Chrome Play Store.
  • Copy and paste string for easy citation.
  • Citation available in HTML and text format.

Check out Flickr CC Attribution tool @


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