MUO Games – Cave Story: A Tiny Addictive Game

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cave story Once upon a time, there was a boy who spent several sleepless nights just to solve the mystery of Myst or to fight head to head with Bezita or to manage his own football team. Now the boy has become a man and “working 9 to 5” is the new game of his life. But deep inside, the little boy is still alive and waiting for the chance to crawl out.

Does the story sound familiar? We all have the playful child inside of us, and for Daisuke Amaya – better known as Pixel – the child is extremely persistent. During the period of five years, he single-handedly developed a tiny 2D game voted by gamers as one of the best RPG’s out there. It’s so well known that it has its own Wikipedia page. The game is called Doukutsu Monogatari, a.k.a The Cave Story, and it has been translated to English by fans who called themselves Aeon Genesis.

cave story guide

I urge you to find more background stories, tips and tricks, discussions, and everything else about this little game yourself as the searching process itself is another enjoyable quest (and revealing everything here will surely decrease the fun of playing the game).

But here’s how to get you started as soon as possible :

1. As there are already many fan sites, you can find many download links, here’s Cave Story for Windows and here’s Cave Story for Mac.

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2. Make sure your computer has an archive application to extract “.lzh” compressed files. WinRAR can do this but you can also use the free “Universal Extractor” that Mark reviewed last August.

3. You will need patches to translate the original Japanese language into English. So, unless you speak Japanese, please download the Windows patch or the Mac patch. Follow the documentation on the “readme” file and you’re good to go.

For the Mac, you could just use the English patched installer here

4. To make sure that nobody ever needs to go through the trial and error of figuring out which key control does what and can go directly to the fun stuff, here are your Controls guide:

  • Tab = toggle fullscreen/windowed mode
  • Arrow Keys = movement
  • Down arrow = use/pick up object, door, etc.
  • Z = jump/confirm
  • X = fire
  • A = previous weapon
  • S = next weapon
  • Q = item screen
  • W = map (once map system is acquired)
  • ESC = pause (F1 to resume, F2 to reset, ESC again to quit.)

And no mouse required!

cave story english

5. For those who aren’t strong willed and have a less adventurous soul (or who are just already too frustrated), aside from the tips and tricks that you can find easily on the net, there are several (OK, many!) videos on YouTube showing you how to play this game level by level, starting from the first one :

So, please enjoy this oldie but goodie fun but challenging game. Share your opinions and experiences of playing this game in the comments below.

And, oh, don’t stay up too late!

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