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Setting up a retail store can be complicated without the right tools. You need to track inventory, set up payment systems, and keep track of your sales. All of these can be managed by using Point of Sale (POS) machines. However, these machines are costly and inflexible for the things you want to do. What if we remove the hardware and bring the POS software online so that you can have a fully functional cashier system from your browser?

online point of sales system

Cashier Live is a POS and retail management system on the cloud. With this tool, you can complete transactions, manage your inventory, create sales reports, and do much more while only using a browser. This app allows you to use any computer as a POS machine and everything happens online.

Setting up a POS system with Cashier Live is easy. Just sign up for an account and add in the cash registers that you want to set up. Then you can start adding your items, staff, payment systems, and other information. Once done, you can just log in using any computer in your store and accomplish your transactions.

Cashier Live emulates a POS machine by letting you add peripherals like pole display, cash drawers, and receipt printer. For that to be possible, the app uses an IE 7 .ocx to connect your system to your hardware. Thus, Internet Explorer 7 and above is required to fully use this app.

online point of sales system


For a web app, Cashier Live has an excellent list of features that will fit any retail store. The POS interface lets you set customers, declare returns, open the cash drawer, tender sales, and more. You can look up transactions or search by customer. You can also view various reports such as item report by dollars, department sales, item with no sales, open drawer report, and more.

online point of sales system

Open the Manager tab to view the item list, inventory by department, categories, and supplies. You can also set the sales tax and tender types in the tab.

For more information on how to use Cashier Live, view these videos:

Creating Cashiers

Conducting Transactions

Multi-Store Support

Cashier Live comes with free and paid options. The basic (free) account lets you manage one store and up to 3 registers. You can also add unlimited transactions and staff, and post up to 20,000 items in your inventory. The paid Plus account allows you to manage one store with unlimited registers, create purchase orders, import inventory data, and have market specific support. The Chain account has all the features of the Plus account while allowing you to set up multiple stores.

online point of sales system

Cashier Live can theoretically work with any retail store, although you might be forced to work a certain way, which is true for most web apps. If your store needs a customized POS, then you are better off contracting for customized software. But for independent, specialty retailers who only need a simple POS system to keep track of their transactions, then Cashier Live more than fits the bill.


  • Web-based POS.
  • Free and paid accounts available.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Works best with Internet Explorer 7.
  • Look up transactions and customers.
  • Connects with POS peripherals.
  • View transaction reports.
  • Supports credit cards.

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