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CartoDB is a service which allows you to upload data and create a map of that data, makes it very easy to visualise and form analysis or to share online with other interested parties.

create dynamic maps

It only takes a few minutes to upload your data and create these maps, so you can share the visualisations in no time.

Maps can be built on top of Google Maps, Open Street Maps, Mapbox Tiles or without a backing at all. The rich backing layer can help to make your maps more detailed and meaningful.


CartoDB lets you use SQL based analysis to find out more about your data, build intelligence and tell stories about your data.

Featured users of CartoDB include The Guardian, who created a map of the ongoing civil war in Syria and the Wall Street Journal, who used CartoDB to create a visualisation of the 2012 US presidential race.


  • Easily create dynamic maps.
  • Analyze your data using PostGIS.
  • Build location-aware mobile and web applications using CartoDB APIs.
  • Free plan available.

Check out CartoDB @ 

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