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A small but significant change was made to the way you search with Google recently. Now, you can save all your search preferences at the account level itself instead at the level of the browser as was the case before this. What this essentially means is that your search settings are cast in stone and they won’t change across browsers, devices, or time.

So, let’s say you want to display 50 results in your search page. Once you log in with a Google account and set the “Results per page” in your specific Google account’s Preferences, the search page will display 50 results even if you are hopping from Firefox to Chrome or from a laptop to an iPad. The only caveat is that you must log into the same account in each device.

This solves a minor annoyance which users experience especially in today’s times when we use Google Search on multiple devices. Using an account sign-in to use the saved search settings is something you can make use of if you share a computer with friends, family members, or co-workers who prefer to use distinct search settings. With saved search settings, you can get the same search view even if you use a private browsing mode that does not keep cookies. The one thing you still cannot save right now are your location settings; but this feature change should be a time-saver for those who use a different language than the default on Google Search.

Source: Google

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