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Do your Facebook contacts include people you would want to hire in the future? If yes, then the best thing to do is to track their employment so you can make them an offer as soon as they are available. Here to help you do that is a web service called CareerNotify.

facebook friends employment

CareerNotify is a free to use web service that provides a valuable service. Whether it is somebody you are interested in hiring in the future or simply a friend whose career you want to track, you can use this website to track the employment changes of your Facebook friends. All you have to do is create an account on the site and then connect it with your Facebook account. Next you select the Facebook friends you want to track. Optionally you can add keywords to look out for and be notified of.


When CareerNotify detects a change in employment or one of your added keywords, it sends you an email notification. This way you always stay updated with the career of your Facebook friends.



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