CarComplaints: Common Car Mechanical Problems Shared by Car Owners

If you are having problems with you car make sure to check On this website you can check if someone experienced same car mechanical problems and whether they are common among car owners. Plus you can get some information on how much it might cost you to fix it.

CarComplaints   CarComplaints: Common Car Mechanical Problems Shared by Car Owners

The site has a database of user submitted complaints searchable by make, model, and year. Moreover, it includes sections for the worst cars, most amusing owner complaints, current vehicle trends, vehicles with the most problems, latest car problems etc.

CarComplaints1   CarComplaints: Common Car Mechanical Problems Shared by Car Owners


  • Database of common car problems submitted by users.
  • Search cars by make, model, and year.
  • Check current vehicle trends.
  • See vehicles with the most problems.
  • Read latest car problems as reported by press.
  • Check out worst cars and amusing owner complaints.
  • Contribute by adding your car problems.
  • Similar sites: MotorMouths and CarBibles.

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