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Are you looking for an easy way to manage your online portfolio? It must be time-consuming to add every new project to your existing online portfolio. To make the process as convenient as possible, try out Carbonmade. It is a free online portfolio management tool that lets you manage your online portfolio in a very simple way. You get a free webpage, with Carbonmade’s extension, that you can display your work on. Your work appears in rectangles and is placed on top of each other.

online portfolio management tool

This simple layout is perfect for illustrators, photographers, web and graphic designers, fashion designers, and print designers. While the stacking-images feature is great, it is not the only thing Carbonmade offers. You can also add Flash objects, your contact information, something about yourself, and links to your own website or blog.

The “Examples” page on the site showcases how numerous Carbonmade users have brilliantly made use of the service.

People who use Carbonmade for free can add up to 5 projects on their account and 35 images. A paid account is available for people who want more projects, images, or videos.

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