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In an age where everybody tries to be conscious of the environment, it is important to know how much carbon dioxide your house is producing each year and how you can reduce that. Enter CarbonCalculator, site for calculating a carbon footprint of your house. It tells you how much carbon dioxide is emitted from your house after asking you a series of questions.

A similar analysis is done regarding the electrical appliances in your house and the travel you do each year through personal vehicles or public transport. Your complete carbon footprint is then generated and compared to the national average. Based on the comparison, a plan is then generated on how to reduce your yearly carbon emission, including various energy saving tips.

calculating a carbon footprint

calculating a carbon footprint


  • Generate a complete carbon footprint.
  • Calculate how much CO2 is emitted from your house.
  • Get a plan to reduce carbon emission.
  • Compare your carbon footprint with an average user.
  • No registration required.
  • Similar tools: Microsoft Hohm.

Visit CarbonCalculator @


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