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There are several web services that provide automatic screen captures of webpages, however not all of them support full page screenshots. CaptureFullPage, a simple and lightweight web app that lets you easily obtain full page screenshots of any website.

full page screenshots

To take a screenshot of a website, simply paste the site URL in the Capture Full Page homepage. Then the site will display a preview of the screenshot as well as its settings. You can set the screenshot’s dimensions (top screen or full page), size (x-small, small, medium, large, full), and format (JPEG or PNG).

Once you are done tweaking the settings, you can choose to view the screenshot or download it as a zip file.

full page screenshots

What is great about this web app is that it lets you capture the full webpage in high resolution, something that you cannot do manually on most webpages since you are limited to what is viewable in your monitor. All in all, Capture Full Page is a very useful tool especially if you frequently take screen captures of websites.


full page screenshots


  • Take screenshots of public webpages easily.
  • Captures the full webpage.
  • Preview the screenshot.
  • Set the image’s dimensions, size, and format.
  • Download your screenshot in a zip file.
  • View recent screenshots created in the site.
  • Share the site in various social bookmarking services.
  • Similar Tools: Snapcasa and WebSnapr.

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