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Firefox has tons of add-ons that let you capture screenshots. But CaptureFox goes one step further and allows you to record a screencast along with the audio and finally save it as a video file. Once installed from the Mozilla site. CaptureFox lets you start recording videos with a single click.

A little icon in the status bar shows you how many seconds have elapsed. You can also adjust the audio/video codec and specify a time delay before the recording starts. You can also choose to capture the whole screen or just the Firefox window, adjust the video quality and set frames per second. Once captured, the video is saved as an *.avi file to your hard drive.

record a screencast

record a screencast


  • Record your screen and save as video.
  • Do a voice over recording to add to your video.
  • Adjust video quality and audio/video codec.
  • Specify a time delay and filename.
  • Choose frames per second value and adjust capture area.
  • Similar sites: ShowMeWhatsWrong, Screenr, ScreenJelly, ScreenToaster, FreeScreenCast, uTIPu and Screencast-O-Matic.

Download CaptureFox @

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