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If you ever need to add subtitles or text captions to Youtube videos you may try it with CaptionTube. This web app provides you with a simple caption editor using which you can add captions to any part of the Youtube video and specify when they should appear and for how long.

add captions to youtube videos

The captions can be added to your own YouTube videos or to any other YouTube video (assuming you know the owner’s email address so you can mail the caption once completed ).

Keep in mind that CaptionTube is not fully integrated with YouTube, meaning that when you complete adding captions to videos you are required to manually export the captions, and then upload them to your “Captions and Subtitles” page on YouTube.

For more info watch demo videos below:



  • Add captions to YouTube videos.
  • Import videos from your YouTube account or simply provide video’s URL.
  • When completed download the file to your computer.
  • Similar tools: KickLight, TubePopper and Subyo.

Check out CaptionTube @

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