Caption Contest: Tech Support

Do you often feel like your head’s going to blow off when helping others to troubleshoot their PC problems? Don’t just you just feel like yelling, “Turn it off and on again!“? Caption this image! Share your wittiest captions with us in the comments and you might win a free MakeUseOf t-shirt of your choice. A winner will be selected the following day.

And the winner is Jerry L with his caption, “Maybe we shouldn’t have given him all the senior citizen calls…”

tech support   Caption Contest: Tech Support

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Adi Sai

Bad Tech Support!

Dave Peterson

Windows 8. iPad. Android phone. Something had to give.

Marco Paulo F. Bernabe

Handling your own tech problems is easy, but handling other’s? Excruciatingly hard.

Marco Paulo F. Bernabe

Handling your own tech problems is Trivial, but handling other’s? Excruciatingly hard.

Marco van Burgsteden

I so told him not to refuse that NSA request to allow access to our corporate e-mail server…

Jerry L

Maybe we shouldn’t have given him all the senior citizen calls…

Charlie Parker

Take a bow my friend, take a bow :)


“I think he needs to be rebooted.”

Trevor Munson

Have you tried turning him off and back on again?

Mark S

See, He should have listened to us and taken the 15 minute breaks every 2 hours.


3 more hours and he would have set a new record in the Windows Me support division.

Stefano Rosso

Error – required tag is missing


“Time to get another processor”

Wayne Ramshaw

Man this new AMD Chip blow my mind!

Marc Pope

The customer followed his instructions exactly and their issue was resolved. Mind blown.


Sure it was plugged in, But power strip was not.

Warner Mach

The user asked what a “cursor” was.

Charlie Parker

I think we’ve found a winner XD

Tiago R

i think he finally looked at the pattern on the carpet!!!!!

Jamie Fox

“They just don’t make em like they used to, Frank!”

Brad K

Hey, I warned him about Windows users.


It’s frustrating telling people to plug devices in and to turn them on to get to them to work. But for tech support people, sometimes, it’s sometimes best to turn off and unplug from work.

Kim Conley

“Yes, it is the first day of class at Henderson Community College and yes, we know Blackboard isn’t working!”

Jim Catan

“I don’t understand, I just told him my laptop was writing numbers instead of certain letters”


Click on the big blue E.


I think he is (a)head of us. ;)

Elmer Perry

“That’s the third one this week.”

Edgar De León

“The 84 year old lady again? This is the third guy this week!”


Can we say he died doing something he loved?


“He did say something about a smoke test”

Dave ONeill

We are still about 20 years away from even competing with “Chuck” and “Bob” in our Bangladesh Office.


2 girls 1 cup.


Someone said “Thank you” before hanging up.

Dan B

He said his head was going to explode if he was asked to reset one more password today.


Looks like another head crash.


“I told his limit of ‘I deleted the internet’ jokes is 128″

Roger C

He had another Windoze caller that couldn’t find the Start button.

alex gartlan

Hi Jason, you don’t make it clear how to write in the caption.
Here is my contribution: “He said ‘Mozilla update again'; then he said ‘more printer problems again'; then his head exploded1″

Jim Jensen

I told him to never multitask. He was on a Skype call and testing graphics performance using Call of Duty with a client, the next thing, BANG! Headshot.


it’s too hotto one


It was too Hot Must be intel Inside.


It was too hot Must be Intel Inside

Sean Cuthill

“It took him 15 minutes before finding out the customer was using Windows 95.”


Brain stormed

Raymond M

See, I told you replacing real tech support with robots was a bad idea.

Renzo Bertoia

“He finally blew his top!”

John Englert

“Apparently, there IS at least ONE ‘dumb question’!”


Must have pressed Ctrl+ Alt+Del ?

Mai S

Told him that Tech Support is tough… Now we need to replace a new one…

Ian Dobson

“I told you that carpet would be trouble!”

Linda Mar

I tell them not to press the delete button but they just don’t listen!

Mike F

“It looks like the frustration in this call came to a head!”

Robert G

All they said was “Thank You For Your Help”

Muhammad Hadi N

Non-stop annoying question from customer.

Alex C

Windows 8 support team.


drupal tech support, how can i h…*booom*

Deanna Coker

Yes, well, I told him to lay off the espresso shots!! Tech support and espresso don’t mix!!!

Joey W

Hi, Tech Support? I just called to tell you everything was running perfectly.

Paul N

He did say he was working on a headless system.


He just performed an illegal operation..

George M

What’s wrong with Fred…. maybe we should hit “F8″ and boot in “safe mode”……. looks like it’s too late….. lets just “delete” him…..


I thought we weren’t allowed to smoke in here!

George M

Fred… Fred… wake up Fred… wake up!… it doesn’t look like “sleep mode” to me…


Do you think his shirt would fit me?


I told him to use the surge protector


You gave the mouse some water to drink?

Acewin Orpilla

Looks Like it Crash :v

bob bellus

I guess I’ll just have to turn it off and on again myself now….

George M

What happened to Fred???? well he did say something about “hackers”.. or was it hacksaws???……..

George M

Naughty… naughty! Fred, you’re in deep trouble now…. Yeah, seems like a XXX “core” melt down…..

Fritz R

“Yep, that’s the 6th guy this month. Did Mr. Bill called again asking where’s the right-click? Call HR for replacement.”

William L

“I tried to tell him not to delete system 32″

Sean P

Hmm… odd. I though he said he kept his cool at all times?
Said he made his own thermal paste, too.

Honyin K

He tries to mind melt with the customer again.


Power surge protection-big fail!

Keith Lee

Let that be a lesson to you: always ask them to check the power cord FIRST!

Harshit D Jhaveri

The customer wanted help to paint the firewall blue to match his new WINDOWS.

Mahesh Shrestha

i think either APPLE got rotten or WINDOWS got cracked!

Ehtisham Khan

overclocked tech support.

Mahesh Shrestha

get it TOWED, its going to
BOOM ***

Mahesh Shrestha


Cole Baiker

No, I meant hit any key . . .not the ‘ANY’ key .. .

Junil M

I think, he might be missing something.

Nino Lukša

Did his cooling system failed?

parth bhatt

You’d be Surprised…Defective Overheating Intel CPU…oops…this wasn’t a part of ”50 Things Every Geek should Know”

Mishaal F

operating system crashed due to overload…

Yudono R

i’ve already told you, we shouldn’t installed Vista in the first place


Error 404: Head not found!

Stephen Cowan

….and he only had one more day till retirement.


I guess rebooting didn’t work…

Chris Williams

Looks like we’ll have to swap him out.

Maurine Bartoletti

It’s probably a fried CPU, or a head crash.

Bruce Dale

It’s a good thing this happened now…we’re upgrading everyone to Windows 8 next week, and I’ve heard supporting THAT causes spontaneous combustion.

Debkumar B

Mind blowing solution to a mind gripping problem.


New British Porn Censorship tool !

Tim Hill



Information Overload!

Jesse S

“Yeah we get two or three of these every month, the never transfer the irate customers in time. Personally I keep a copy of “HotSpot Shield” and “Messenger Plus” on my laptop for callers just like that. I’ve always felt safer with “Skype” in my home, a year here and you’ll feel the same way….”


“HR found the leaker.”

Xeon S

Should we try turning him off and on again?

Steve G

His grandmother called in for tech support.

Steve Costello

He said his head was going to explode if one more person asked how to attach a photo to an email.

I guess someone just asked.

Mohit C

16gb graphic card did the trick

Mohit C

windows help centre message”error :the display driver has been missing”

Umit Y

God have mercy on him, he commited suicide by giving non stop tech support to HR department.


I think he took looking into the problems headless servers a little too literally.


He asked them to press the number 1 and they asked him if it needed to be capitalized.


Well, What can I say? He really had a mind blowing customer on the call!!!

Emlyn Jones

Should we try turning him off and on again?

David L

I warned you. When tech support said to “put down the mouse and step away from the keyboard” they meant it.

Noy S

I guess I have a better head than him. Well, maybe longer patience…

Aravind S

“Header” files missing @ Tech Support

Mason Bourdeau

After Mary in Accounting called for the third time to have Sam in IT click the switch user button after she locked herself out…

Mason Bourdeau

Poor Jim, he suffered through 40 “where’s my start button?” Windows 8 calls before his kernel panicked… He was a good man…


“No more fresh graduates Bob, they just can’t handle it”

69 D

I told him to stick with Mountain Dew!