Caption Contest: Tangled

Are you more of a cable person? Has wireless technology let you down on more than one occasion? Caption this image! Leave your funniest captions in the comments section below and be in the running to win a free MakeUseOf t-shirt! The winner of this caption contest will be selected the following day and announced right here.

Congratulations to the winner, Wendy Harrison and her caption,”This is worse than the time we tried to go paperless.”

tangled   Caption Contest: Tangled

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Jon Green

Hey Bill – you got a spare ethernet switch? I’ve just run out of ports on the wireless router!

Bhavuk Jain

Oh God. Why this happened to me. These wiry noodles will choke me to death.

Jaypee C

dude, i think i’m stranded!


Hi. Are you entangled in work ?

Tiago R

i think you might have a small obsession whit hentai!!!!

Alastair Jones

have you had an accident that wasn’t your fault…. lol!

Paul Pival

So Ed, where should we start?

Paul Pival

So Ed, where should I start?

Bobby Dowd

You know “Go Wireless” isn’t referring to a sports team, right?

Muhammad Uzair

Hey man which one of these are of my wireless router?


“Tech support said it might be a bad cable”


“Maybe you’re right…how much was that router again?”


You keep using that word… I do not think it means what you think it means.


can you help me unplug the waffle iron?

Wendy Harrison

“This is worse than the time we tried to go paperless.”

Wendy Harrison

This is worse than the time we tried to go paperless


“Jim, untangle those cords. Pronto!”

Keith Lee

You know, by “Wireless,” They’re not referring to your wife’s bra…

Paul G

I heard about the tangle of Love … but this is ridiculous!

Mick T

I think we need to pull the plug on this idea :(


“We need to talk about your attachment disorder!”


“Jeez, the NSA isn’t even trying to be subtle about their wiretapping programs anymore, are they?”


Everything else went into storage. And quite of the few of the things that started out in that carry-on bag got mailed back to the States because I just got tired of carrying them. :P

Bill M

Is that poster designed to be more mocking than inspirational?

Mike Freeman

Bob, I get the sense that you’re not on-board with our “Go Wireless” initiative.


Even this won’t stop the NSA from snooping on you!

Christopher Whedon

Where does the red wire go?


I’m wrapped up in our wireless infrastructure!


…and just how many access points did you set up?

Mac W

Less is more????

Noy S

I think you need to defragment your room so that you have more space!

Antonio R

I don’t know why, but I feel like trapped on a spiderweb everytime I come around here.

Roger Gardner

thats what they said about paperless society as well


“Shut up!” Spiderman thought; Maybe I LIKE the Wires!!


Like my new modivational poster?

Carson Ip

I prefer these with ketchup.


The “Teamwork” one didn’t work either.


“I have this sudden hankering for spaghetti.”


It started with one peripheral and…well, that escalated quickly!

Hunter J

Do you know how many surge protectors we’ll have to get now?!


Not even obama would tap this.

Dave ONeill

Ah…how ’bout spaghetti for lunch?


“I think my Spider Senses are starting to tingle!”

Aaron Seif

“Can’t we ever have a balance between freedom and security?”

Aaron Seif

“Can’t we ever have a good balance between freedom and security?”


umm, I fixed it. the wireless router was turned off.

Daniel S

How many times did you trip just to hang the “Go Wireless!” sign?


Still Pinging?

Rick Sales

Hold my calls . . . tell them I’m tied up.

Gianna Marie L

hey, dude your so hairy. Lets bald them all.


these wires are not a defect, it is simiply an undocument feature.

steve d

programer talking to his manager. ‘these wires are not a defeact, they are simply an undocumented feture’


i need to reconfigure our 2300th Access Point, can you tell me which one is it ?

Charles T

I just came in here to tell you the printer in my office is offline.

Bryan Collins

What is this, a vineyard of wires, wires run amuck, or just your lazy butt’s way of not cleaning up your mess? No boss, its the result of your archaic, cheap ass not wanting to get with the times and go wireless. At least I did upgrade you from stone and chisel last year and got you a computer. One change per decade is my motto. Now back to work. Cheap ass. More like one change per century. Cheap and dumb. So what does that make me for working for him? At least I have a job.

Joe McD

Les: “You know Fred, this is not what the sign means.”

Junil M

Do you know how to make a giraffe from these cables? I think mine looks like an elephant.

alton pettigrew

“Did you say ‘wireless computer’ or ‘computerless wire’?”

Paul-kristjan A

“Do you have one, that goes to the bathroom and back? ”

Tomasz J

We are wireless, we have a wireless mobile phone.

Jason Temple

Just plug this Ethernet into your router…

Harshit J

There is just one extra cable here.

Raj Kumar

Ahh don’t give me that look…i love being wired…it makes me spend more time on my workstation by preventing me from moving around.

mohit kumar


Hovsep A

We are hacked hurry up unplug the power cable:)

Mohit C

i orderd WIRELESS,but on the wall its GO WIRELESS so i cancelled the order

Simon W

With a nose like this who needs a third hand.

Steve Costello

Larry untangle me so I can finish taping this Google Wireless commercial!

Rick Sales


Bear Shinn

Alright, I know they all said “Plug and Play” on the box…. I know you didn’t want to ask your kids for help. I know your wife bought all this stuff from Amazon specifically because they advertised as “Plug and Play” devices. I know that technically all this stuff works, but I feel I should mention that my daughter setup our Wi-Fi system in five minutes and configured our home network to media stream all our Amazon Content from a shared drive. At this point I’m not saying we ask her for help, I’m saying we tell her your wife asked….

Ryan C

Dave, I put that sign there for a reason.

Hewie Poplock

That’s why they call it “The Web!”

Brenda Newman

I still can’t print anything but the coffee maker is working now.

Joe B

“Where’s the marinara?”


Go WireFull

Greg H

I’m knitting a new Mac!


I think it’s done


I guess you forgot your Wi-Fi password?

Robert G

I thought Moore’s Law only applied to transistors?

Mike Hammond

You’re right. Let’s pay the $79.99.

Patrick B

Okay, what part of less did you not understand?


What do you me I seem a tied up at the moment! it’s you who won’t go wireless.

Wade S

Drinking all that coffee has me wired!!

Karen H

“Oh my God…is that your #%$@$ umbilical cord?”

Aakrati S

whose the winner.?