Caption Contest: Shots Fired

Are 3D games starting to feel too real? Caption this image! Share your funniest captions in the comment section below and they might just win you a free MakeUseOf t-shirt! The winner will be selected and announced the following day.

And the winning caption is, “Wild Wired West” by Juvel T. Modayno.

shots   Caption Contest: Shots Fired

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How about YOU go find out how long the respawn timer is!

Souvik Chandra

person 1: Don’t tell the manager about the bullet marks on the wall.
person 2: What about the ones ion his door.


For the last time Jenkins, no personal software on work computers!

Juan D

“you had to upgrade to LIFELIKE graphics, had you”


Option 1:
When did HR upgrade their videocards?! I never saw a request come across my desk!

Option 2:
Pam in Accounting got the Silencer upgrade, we’re screwed! I think she’s teamed up with Tom in IT.

Howard B

Wow, this game is WAY too realistic!

joshua falken

Great idea on your monitor/3d printer hybrid!

Scott B

You will never get out alive!

John Jones

I told you we didn’t need a 3D monitor, but Noooo… You just had to have one.

Shane Froaggio

On July 28th, 2009…Bob’s Skynet brand monitor achieved self-awareness…

Stefano R

Caption contest, entry n° 1

Title: Indiscriminate shelling
Person 1: “It seems like Syria 2013″

Well it is not so funny but unfortunately it is real

Alternative entry:

Person 1: Augmented reality, wow. Technology is advancing too quickly. We are lucky they haven’t invented yet 3d weapons printing, have they?
Person 2: Ehm yes they did few months ago.
Person 1: OMFG, we’re screwed. O_o

Ernie DeVries

They forgot the virtual part of virtual reality!


It would be easy to just to return fire to end this so that we can get back to work on our deadline. The problem is that: do I really what to shoot up my very expensive 3-D computer monitor?

Tate S

Take coveeeer!!

Cillian D

These new anti piracy measures are bit much

marcio cardoso

The next time we are playing Fruit Ninja.


OK. 3d monitor with artificial stupidity patch was not the best idea.


we gotta open a ticket about this new raytracing plugin

NFI Inc.

We have to open a ticket about thin new raytracing plugin we’ve got

Andrew Breckenridge

“No place on the internet is safe since the Affleck/Batman announcement was made.”

Daniel Platt

Built in webcam and now 3D printer. What won’t hackers take advantage of?




These new 3D games are getting a little too real

Julian Snowden

Hey Edward, I guess the NSA finally found a way to trace you!


I don’t care what you say about it being 3D — I’m telling you it’s really Big Brother this time — and he’s serious!

Sean P

“Get the new videogame technology, you said! It’ll be the most realistic gaming you’ll ever experience, you said!”

Bill P

When you said it was a “First Person Shooter,” you failed to mention that I was going to be the FIRST PERSON SHOT!


I guess we are screwed.

Jerry L

Just because the 64-bit version of Windows 8 Pro supports up to 512 GB of RAM doesn’t mean you HAVE to use that much!

Tiago R

i think management is taking your fired a little to serious!!!!!

Bill M

I’ll call you‘Butch’ if you’ll call me ‘Sundance’.

Juvel T. Modayno

Wild Wired West


Despite the Dark Knight Rises fiasco, people were curious to try the 3D version at home. It was largely unpopular.

Michael M

You just had to touch the screen inappropriately.


Maybe we should’ve gotten the DLC body armor after all.

Michael M

You just had to touch the screen inappropriately!


I told you we should have beefed up our Internet security!

Umit Y

Well now I guess I should’ve listened when you said we first watch the porn movie


I’ll distract it, you go for the power cord


Some Programs are so hard to delete these days!


Spidergun = Shoots Webs


I guess its NOT a 6-shooter


Linux is tougher than I thought

Mark S

It must be a strong Virus, It’s trying to take over the company now!!!


“National Security Agency is really trespassing!!! We have to protect ourselves!!!!”

Christopher Wetmore

“I think I over-tweaked the video card!”

Tommy Håland

Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid playing PayDay

Chris S

They did say that the new technology would bring the realism right in the room with you.


Shoot low Colonel….. He’s riding a Shetland pony.

Anne Nash

I don’t think we should carry on with the real life experience TV quest it is too risky especially with the six o’clock news on the list

Chris jenkins

You just had to turn on 3D graphics, didn’t you?

John W

1) The safety protocols appear to be malfunctioning.

2) “Computer, end program!”

(I’ve been watching too much Star Trek:TNG lately…)

Ashar Ali

Well , here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into. I told you there isn’t any such thing as Glasses-Free 3D!


Expert: Im going in take point an cover my A**………
Noob: Hey bro i don’t have any plastic on me to cover your A** with…..

Vivek Trivedi

“We Should go for Remote Shut Down”

Pooky J

“The future of First-Person Shooter”

Srikant M

Guy in white shirt: The day I decide to “Break Bad” in office, look what happens!
Guy in blue shirt: Do something quick, or we’ll be sent to Belize!


“Get down!”
“I told you we shouldn’t trust a game released by the NSA…”

Nicholas V-M


Mahesh Shrestha

C`mon 002 stop mimicking BOND 007!

Shaurya G

The name’s bond…Mac Bond!!!

Shaurya G

Oh man, this windows 8 is getting out of control!!!

Shaurya G

Colleague 1: I told u man, 3d is dangerous!!!

Shaurya G

Call of Duty: A** Blower

Paul Dulaney

Sorry, Harry — how was I supposed to know what hemispherical ray-tracing meant?

Mike Bennett

The guys down in IT are never going to believe us.


Monitor monitoring

Armin A

Changed anything in the Graphics preferences you idiot?

Chris Williams

They weren’t kidding when they said the NSA has gotten intrusive!


First I said “Please don’t open that attachment”. Then you said “I have antivirus software. What could go wrong?” That sound about right?

Eric N

Maybe this whole virtual reality thing isn’t that much of a good idea


“I always knew my computer hated me, but this is outstanding!”

Vishal S

You take point…
No, no you can go first…
Damn it, just take cover…
Roger that!!

Lea Anita Black

May day May day theres a killer virus on the Internet!

Rajaa C

How much will the replacement glass on the window pane cost?

Pierre B

“So, that’s WHY you asked for a 3d videocard upgrade!”
“At least I haven’t tested this game with my Occulus Rift first!”


“Huntin’ ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun.”

Alan W

Now did he fire 6 bullets or 7? You know in all this confusion I just plain forgot….