Caption Contest: Red Phone

Are we in a museum? Caption this image! What would a red telephone be doing there? Send in your funniest captions via the comments section and you stand a chance at winning a lovely MakeUseOf t-shirt of your choice! There are so many to choose from! Competition will be fierce so give it all you’ve got. The winning caption will be chosen the following day.

The winning caption belongs to Richard, and here it is: Ugh! I think the thing is broken!! Every time I unplug the charging cable from the wall it just dies!

red phone   Caption Contest: Red Phone

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Kori S

“You know why we stopped using these…Something about sticking your finger in a small hole that’s kinda dirty.”


what is the lock code ?

Faizal Hakimi

is this the new iphone?


“Yes, it’s cheap, but you’re out of luck if there’s a nine or zero in their phone number.”

David H

My grandfather told me about these………

Robert Sears

yup yup yup yup yup yup ooooooh brrrrrriiiiiinnnnnngggg brrrrrriiinnnngggg

Dave M

“And this part is the thing our ancestors put up to their heads to listen and talk.”


See, it’s touch screen!


“As you can see, we’ve simplified it down to one small phone.”

Deborah Stinson

Don’t touch it! Only the President can use the red phone!

Thalia Remy

where’s the logo?

Simba C

wondering if we should answer it could be the devil calling !!!

Krasen I

Now after a second look, I think red is just too fancy for my style.


Like trees, you can tell the age by its rings


Touch it and see if you get a dial tone.

Daniel Gosk

It must be one of the Lady Gaga’s hats.

Daniel Gosk

It must be one of the Lady Gaga’s hats.


How do I access twitter and facebook?

Daniel G

It must be one of the Lady Gaga’s hats.


I have heard of 4G and 3G, but what does this use?


No One really knows how World War III Started…


The tried and tried to launch the missiles, but they kept messing up on the #9


But how do we SLIDE to Open this?


Answer me Siri, SIRIIIII! SIRIII!

Umit Y

Not having a chance to know who’s calling or not calling before answering brought mystery to my life.

Mary Watson

Everyone wants a red one!


its got 1 ring tone, no touch screen, a mechanical dial and 2 cables and one is fixed to the wall, and you think its a phone, yeah right, what is it really!!


Personally, I think it’s Mr. Bulmer’s new Windows phone!

Pratyush R

Anonymity! Should we attend or should we not? Though a surprise, I’d hate it if it gets fateful for us. :|


Be Aware
look who’s calling me

Hovsep A

This red phone will self destruct in 5sec after the beep…..Hurry up leave the room:)

Eric N

And right here we have an ancient communication device used by our ancestors over 6 decades ago. Notice the primitive features.

Rafael Kireyev

touch ring instead touch screen

Dilfaraz Abrejo

who is calling? How I can know! There is No Caller ID…!!!!!

Dominic C

How does this fit into your pocket?

Tiago R

call the white house,they lost something!!!

Arie W

and this was the thing we used to called our girl, but we wouldn’t know who would answered… made your heart raced! it could be her dad!


… ugh! I think the thing is broken!! Every time I unplug the charging cable from the wall it just dies!


… and if you are ever need him, Mr Mayor, this red phone will connect you directly to Batman.

BIll L

“…I think it’s broken… It’s guts are hanging out on one side.”

Guy in Victoria

Is it available in other colors ?

Sagar Patel

“…and how did you say we’re supposed to unlock this?”

Paul Winn

The original “Swype” keyboard!

Paul Winn

Ahhh! A shiny red phone with no bloatware!

Samsung “TouchWiz” 1.0


“… and now here’s a device that people used to communicate that did not allow for texting, and required wires to operate… What kind of savage world did our ancestors live in in the 1980’s?”

Rob H

The advantages: The battery never dies on you. You never get “no signal”. You’ll never lose it down the back of the sofa. No risk of a mugger stealing it. It doesn’t secretly track your every movement. If it rings when you’re at the theatre, it won’t disturb the rest of the audience and make you look an idiot. Your boss can’t call you when you’re away on holiday. You’ll not get junk text messages. No risk of installing a dodgy app. Guaranteed zero software bugs. It doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars. It won’t go out of fashion a year after you bought it. But, saving the best for last, … it doesn’t have an Apple logo.

What’s not to like?

Akshat Kumar

No, this clearly can not be a phone! All it can do.. is call!

Marcio RC

“I heard a long time ago people used to communicate by calling each other. Imagine!?”


“Hey, I ain’t talking to the Dark Knight.”