Caption Contest: Off Target

See, I told you we should have updated the GPS device’s firmware before we took off! Caption this image! What’s your funniest take on this image? Share your best captions with us in the comments and you’ll be in the running to win a MakeUseOf t-shirt of your choice!

And the winner is Jim Aspinwall with his caption,”I really wish you hadn’t pressed the “Shortest Route” button.”

gps   Caption Contest: Off Target

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Marte B

That’s the last time I buy an Acme GPS.

Ameen Ali

” Well someone build their GPS on Apple Maps! “


Well, I guess we’ll be able to complain to Steve Jobs in person!

Mike Woodard

“I’ve always loved you…”


When GPS making a simple mistake!


“Recalculating, recalculating, recalcula…”

Scott H

this is not where cliff richard lift dam tomtom update

Tom W

“Natural Selection in action.”

Nils Rasmusson



Apple Maps !

Michael Hurst

Hey Jim, I like using my GPS it really saves me time by cutting the distance I drive to get to work, Problem is sometimes it I have to take a short cut or two but this one’ a dossey !

Kevin Ambrose

Does this mean that the test drive is over?

Scott H

This is not where cliff Richard live dam update


Your wrong Fred ! GPS does not stand for Gravity Protected Steering.

Scott H

this is not where cliff richard live dam maps update

joenel arroyo

Love the shirt Small one please

John K

Well Mr. Smarty Pants? Can’t blame THIS on Apple Maps, can you?

Gil S

“what do you mean “When safe, make a u-turn and continue.”?


Use apple maps they said, its had vast improvemts they said!

Janet S

Sam, do you think you missed that curve?

Deborah Stinson

I told you not to believe everything your GPS tells you! AAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


What’s GPS a new tax

Jennifer Herman

“Recalculating… when it is safe, make a right turn.”
Right turn?


You have reached your destination. Meep Meep!

Darrin L

why is your gps playing and now the end is near this final day this final moment


the salesman said it was a smart car….


OMG the car is full of water….


Before the curve : Google Maps get now the latest update..
After the curve : install update successfully..
After that : No internet access !!

Stuart Payne

That’s all Folks !!!!!

Josiah B

Apple and flying car…

Eluwa M

why do i have to update firmware too often ? Technology will kill us soon.

Jerry L

Don’t worry, it still says this is the right way.


See it updates so fast the road hasn’t even been built yet.


My Linux based GPS was much cheaper than the other brands, but the Open Source routes are somewhat eccentric and subject to interpretation.

Tech i love

JONE: Hello Apple Maps, their is a problem..
Apple Maps : What’s the problem?
JONE :the car is not on the right way?
Apple Maps:Don’t worry about it.
JONE : What??!
Apple Maps : When you arrive uninstall the latest update of our maps,this is a simple mistake !!!

Kevin Freeman

Microsoft’s response to the self-driving Google car…

Techno love

JONE : Hello Apple Maps, their is a problem..
Apple maps : What’s the problem?
JONE : The car is not on the right way.
Apple maps : Don’t worry about it.
JONE : What ???!
Apple maps: When you arrive uninstall the latest update, their is a simple mistake !!!!


Hey Fred, I think you meant your other left!

Jo-anne P

You are at your destination!

Joe Sheriff

Stupid Australian GPS!

John Herman

Wow, the GPS has us taking the scenic route!

Jim Aspinwall

I really wish you hadn’t pressed the “Shortest Route” button.


fred ask: Is there any red bull left???



Mike D

… Wait … Did it just say “Turn *DOWN* here, and travel 750 feet ?! …


Now you tell me the GPS is off!!


“Okay, so the GPS technology still needs some work….but flying cars, now THAT’S happening ANY day now!”


Just one more reason for men not to ask for directions.

Roy D

Left turn, what do you mean left turn!

Rutul Parikh

It said turn left, but which left?

Ilias L

This isn’t the way to Albuquerque…

Hovsep A

GPS or Not GPS, Your car is not 007 car


The problem with buying gear from the black market is the range of items with identical abbreviations; Global Path of Suicide was not what I had in mind

Daniel Jones

To blindly go. . .

Yves Rosius

Please make a U-turn.

Beau W

Holds up sign…. “This is going to hurt”

joe b

“First, assume a road.”


My GPS Company just decided to install Internet Explorer X and now everything uses BING Maps to do anything… According to this, we’re in the plains of Iowa…

Suleiman O

Grand Plunder Sedan, this is how you would translate GPS and act on it when you are too addicted playing GTA V endlessly.


I told you that the GPS was for a plane, not for a car!!!

Tomasz J

The GPS hasn`t been updated since an hour and it`s effects.

Love techy

[12:01] Tom : it’s a nice trip..Bob
[12:02] Tom : Bob, we are now close to the village, turn off the GPS..
[12:03] Google FM : dear customer keep your GPS device is turned on, the firmware began update.
[12:04] Tom : Oh no!!!Shit!! the car pull down!?
[12:06] The GPS device is up 2 date.
[00:01] Tom & Bob sleeping peacefully in the cemetery!!


“… and they said the learning curve on new devices was getting easier to navigate!”

Love techy

Good replay …. Thanks!


“So for the shortest route, we continue straight and we’ll be in New York in 10 miles?”


Bob realised, a little too late, why he should have updated his GPS.

Love techy

Nice replay , Thanks !
Somebody was walking near the cemetery heard Bob and Tom arguing: which of them change the radio FM at [12:03]…!!


Turn Right…Turn Right….Rerouting…In 1000 ft Make a U Turn….GPS Signal Lost!!


YOU thinking what i’m thinking..?

> the full form of gps?
> i thought it’d be “go suck peanuts”


AAAAAAAh! GPS is acronym for “Gone Pretty Soon”!!!