Caption Contest: It’s Funny Because It’s Probably True

Give us your best captions, and you’ll be in the running to win a free MakeUseOf t-shirt! Geeks, for the win!

probably true   Caption Contest: Its Funny Because Its Probably True

And the winning caption from “Netflix Worship” is “They give a whole new meaning to “American Idol.”” by Darcy! Congratulations!

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Dan Y

Well, you’re not my boss now, are ya? Let’s get ‘im!

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Faye Rowland

Let’s hope he’s forgotten the locker incident.

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Ulpi E

It’s 2014. Girls prefer geeks than guns.

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Jay I

We should’ve paid more attention when we were young to the stories about Brains being better than Brawn.

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Warren B

Revenge of the geeks!

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Logan 5

Or at least I might be if I knew how to avoid writing comma splices.

0 votes

Akshay O

BBB: Bullying the body builders…

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“We go to all this work to get buff, and now the geeks bully *us*!”

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