Caption Contest: Frankenstein 2.0

Share your best caption! Send in your funniest, most creative captions via the comments and you’ll be in the running to win a fabulous MakeUseOf t-shirt! It couldn’t be simpler. So start thinking!

frankenstein   Caption Contest: Frankenstein 2.0

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Keep him away from Windows 8 and we’ll be fine!


What did you expect… it’s ObamaCare!

Deborah Stinson

Hey Frank, check out the new tablet! It’s Monster-Friendly!


So your results may very, Frank.

Paul B

I gave him a Surface tablet. I figured a person made out of dead parts should have a tablet to match.


He says you owe him money…

Lanie K

Rarrgh! is not an excepted word on Words with Friends Frankie


Getting your Bluetooth working with that fossil of a tablet is going to be a monster of a problem.


yes frankie, iPAD just like you no really purpose

JC Seguin

After all that; you forgot to charge the tablet?


“I gave him a teenager’s thumbs, so he can text faster!”


Turns out you can’t keep your doctor or your insurance, and Sibelius has denied the removal of your neck bolts.

Scott B

its so simple even you can use it Franky.


Even Frankenstein thinks the iOS7 font is terrible…

On W

Aren’t you glad for signing up for Obama Care?

Marta Pate

You need a new tablet, Frank- the memory on that one isn’t enough to run the Windows 8 apps.

carmen connell

all those spare parts and that’s the best you could do…techie’s SMH


We set you up on the newest dating site. She was your best match. Her name is Siri


Don’t worry….with Photoshop we’ll have you looking like Brad Pitt.


Blackberry Playbook: Ready for Death

John Englert

Oh yeah ..they’re not YOUR thumbs..uh… sorry!

Scott H

This technology not how I remember it I think this tv not working because it small they us to be big very big

Gary W

You guys created me with better parts than this tablet.

Craig Hufford

Before Bluetooth: Rocktooth – You’ll be envy of all the villagers!

Arie W

now, after u Like or Tweet or +1 it, we will begin making your ‘mini-me’ version immediately

Ajay verma

and if you could sign this please. its forfeit your creators all legal libations for any stolen parts used inside you.


Mr. Frank Stein, you made it to future!

Ananyaja Debadipta

Hi Ho Ha, How is wow and get it now


“See. Nothing in the ten commandments that says you can’t eat short people.”

Aqueel Rafique

Hold on professor, I’m just updating my status on Facebook ” I’m a live” .

karthik V Das

I am alive but internet explorer is dead….

Inez T

Wait! Is this really me?


“Egor, do you think he’ll find the start button on this new Windows8 tablet???”


You always get the best reception; I think I’ll call you Frankantenna

Edmund Szeto

“Gimme a sec, I’m still trying to create a Google account. FrankensteinsMonster141..taken. FrankensteinsMonster142..taken…”

Tony Stefan

For your bride we were thinking of her head and her legs oh and I heard that that other access you always liked just died too

Tony Stefan

Actreas not access

Sampath B

Frankenstein : Hey! Doc Wait, Let me put a status about this on my FB Wall :)


Hey, it works better than Windows 8!

Daniel J

Let’s see if this new multimedia classroom in a pad is really more efficient!

John Tierney

You will never get people to Friend you if you keep threatening to rip their arms off if they don’t.

Joseph Pius P

Can’t i get a software update like all these gadgets do?

Tomasz J

Tablet used by artificial Intelligence.


We built you using this guide on!

Aveedibya Dey’s guide to become a zombie! It works, now what!

Keith B

He’s top of the leaderboard on “Grunts with Friends!”


A lot has happened since most of you has been dead – Try searching Google for your obituaries.

Sam N

Connecting Mrs. Stein…… . . . . . . . . . Sorry Mrs. Stein is busy reading makeuseof articles, please contact Mrs. Stein again later.

Taha B

Sorry you’re not on the list…


Mary turns into a monster easily when the network goes down


Kindle tingling you!
Don’t freak out Frank

Joe B

Each abducted maiden is one pomadoro.


The new iPad Air. So simple, even Frankenstein can use it.

Sarah Clark

Keep him away from Angry Birds, he might get ideas…