Caption Contest: Exercise Freak

Linda’s colleagues could never understand why she always out of breath during their video conferences. Can you think of a caption for this cartoon? This is your chance to win a free MakeUseOf t-shirt — take a look at some of our previous winners.

caption contest exercise freak   Caption Contest: Exercise Freak

We’ve selected two winning captions from our previous contest “Bitcoin Convention“. The first is “The Minecraft convention is on the second floor.” by Todd E. The second winning caption is “I don’t care if you are miners, admission is still full price.” by Patrick B. Congratulations!

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Vipul J

Yes Mr. Road Runner, I’m at full speed!

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Jeremy G

The scroll button on my mouse is broken

0 votes

Sakshar T

“Hello, help, I think this smart treadmill has a bug”

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Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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Scott B

Press Shift and Space together and I’ll float in the air?! Really?!! Oooooohhhh…..

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Rafael Kireyev

Legs’ AR
AR-augmented reality

0 votes


“This is a practical time management technique.”

0 votes


Marissa Mayer continues to chase Google…

0 votes

Greg K

What do you mean it doesn’t charge while I’m using my laptop???

0 votes

Warren B

I knew there was something wrong with my standing desk!

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