Caption Contest: Breaking PC

Have you ever felt like throwing your PC out the window? Caption this image! Share your funniest, most hilarious captions with us in the comments and you might win yourself a free MakeUseOf t-shirt! There can only be one winner, so competition is tight! Time to put on your thinking caps, people.

This week’s caption winner is Colton Overson: Well, either throw Windows out of the computer, or throw the computer out of a window.

breaking   Caption Contest: Breaking PC

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I think he was confused when he was told Windows would have to crash before he could upgrade his computer.


Drag and drop…


Looks like his wife want’s him to buy her an Ipad for the kitchen.

Mohit C

Windows is out of the PC IOS 7 is IN

Navjot Singh

When I told him about cloud computing I never knew he would take it literally.

Tony Barraclough

I see the Windows Pentesters are in again


took open another window literally

Sean P

Ahh… I see the New York Times Crossword is back online.

Scott H

well that idea go through out the window

Curtis R

……still a better love story than Twilight


What do you think happen Bill?
Well, he’s been entering that t-shirt contest and just seen the list of winners.

Richard B

… I guess the IT dept didn’t get there in time?

Richard B

Guy 1: I heard he bought an Apple.
Guy 2: Out with the old I guess.

Marcos Barbosa

Look! The user put the system down again

John D

A Farewell to Arms

Tiago R

“i guess he realized GTA5 didin’t release to PC!”

Mark L

My guess is he’s just received the memo we sent out saying we’re finally upgrading from
WinXP Pro to Windows 8!

Justin P

I never should have introduced him to QWOP…

Colton Overson

“Welp, either throw Windows out of the computer, or throw the computer out of a window.”


Gosh, look out for the computer things that some hand has pushed through the glass window above us.


“I’m assuming that is HE is not satisfied with Microsoft either.”

Daniel Kaneshiro

windowlessness-the act of throwing your windows machine out the window.


That’s why they call it Windows.

Korie D

Good-Bye Windows
Hello Smart-Device.

Hovsep A

WOW its a miracle God sends Windows thinking we can Microsoft fix it:)

Pedro Antonio J

Crazy tech, crazy window

Edilberto C. Sanchez Jr.

Well, that’s the 8th window (Windows 8) she has broken… guess i have to wait for the next upgrade…


When the office gets Windows 8.


Look, Dave. Even Gates hates Windows 8!

Elaine M

Fix that, Windows!


Did you try turning it off, and turning it back on again??

Chuck Ware

I told you upgrading to Windows 8, over the weekend, was a bad idea. Fortunately it’s the computer they threw out the window and not us!

Eric B

He must have just got off the phone with tech support.

Kevin Freeman

…this gesture technology is getting out of control.

Kevin Freeman

I bet I can STILL get that one to boot with Linux…

Deborah Stinson

Maybe they thought PC with Windows stood for Pitch Completely out windows!

Howard B

Well, that’s ONE way to accelerate a PowerPC Mac…

Juvel M

Bet the recycle bin just ran out of space

Juvel M

Now its clear to me, apple doesn’t support windows!


problem with internet explorer 9, 404 error.

Grant R.

Boy, they’re just giving these things away now-a-days.

Grant R.

“Thank you! Now where’s my desk!?”

Alfredo Pinto

Implementation day…

Arie W

wow, his windows was crashed

Marcio RC

“Yet another person who did not adapt to Windows 8″

Edmond Tan

There goes that window. / There go the windows.

Edmond Tan

There goes the window. / There go Windows (out of the window).

Abhishek R

I think he has accidently opened internet explorer

Zanele H

and that ? he cant fix the problem and thats what happens every week!!!

Tomasz J

This PC broke window.

?????? ?

I am asked to pay to scrap my PC.


I suppose it was THAT or re-installing Windows… ;-)

James Blank

Jim’s Wife caught him watching porn again?… Yep you got it!


Looks like another Apple upgrade


Looks like Bob gave up on trying to login to Windows 8… Guess that company-wide upgrade was a bad idea…

Saumyakanta S

Best way to build-up patience – use a Slow computer with slow internet!


“I told him to stop playing World of Warcraft at work…”

Nero T

Wow, he probably has a touch screen device.


That’s what I call ‘Breakthrough Technology’ !

Sagar K

Apparently, ‘Windows’ software can make you break your ‘windows’ hardware

William B

Well, that’s one less computer for NSA to track!

Sean E. S.

Yeah… I’ve had days like that.

Robert G

I see it’s patch Tuesday again!


oh……window’s broken…..

Druv B

You stupid stupid computer, why can’t you do something right!!!


I guess his windows isn’t crash-proof at all!


Throw Windows Through Windows !