Caption Contest: All Webbed Up

Poor Margaret. She was only trying to install Windows 95. Caption this image! What do you think happened? Submit your most hilarious captions in the comment section below and be in the running to win a MakeUseOf t-shirt! That’s all it takes, and there can only be one winner. So start submitting!

Congratulations to dragonmouth and his winning caption, “I don’t care if the network response time IS slow, Margaret. Try to look like you’re doing SOMETHING!”

all webbed up   Caption Contest: All Webbed Up

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Howard B

“I told you installing Windows 95 from floppies would take forever!”


No, of course dialup isn’t slow to load. I mean really, it isn,t. What makes you ask anyway?


Death by Internet Explorer.

Bill D

Still waiting on that upgrade to your Verizon Android Device?

Marco van Burgsteden

Maybe you took ‘This process can take a few minutes’ too lliteraly…

Dave Ward

Now do your believe me about the face melting guitar solos on youtube!


Someone call Microsoft. We’re gonna need another tech.

Robert Thompson

I told you not to try to upgrade from Windows 95 to Vista.


I thought you just made a mistake when you said ‘180 minutes per word’…


I warned him to NEVER download an image of the “Lost Arch”


Bob was the last person on the Static Content team.

Jake Smithula

Did that movie finish rendering yet?

Eibert D

I know you like your “makeuseof” T-shirt, but can I please have it now?

Brian R

Still trying to explain Windows to your grandmother I see


Bob was the last person on the Static Content team.


I *told* you that direct deposit from Nigeria wasn’t happening!

Greg Svanas

Very funny, Son, but I still say dial-up internet is fast enough.

Sab Edwards

dial, a game killer every time


i am bored to death of these meme

Lloyd Britches

Stop going to Subway for lunch, Jared!

Jan F

Press any key to continue…

Sab Edwards

dial up, a game killer every time


“See I told you not to use Internet explorer”

Zachary Huff

Still waiting for sims 4

Joel W.

I warned you about the blue screen of death!

Stefano R

“Damn, I’ll have to update all his social media pages with his new “status””

Diana Wilcox

been waiting long for your break?

Marcos Barbosa

“Still trying compile Linux in a 486?”

Hitesh K

So, aliens did gave us the computer technology.

Don Robbins

Why are you still using a modem to download from the internet

Kenneth T

Did you caut a virus again?

michael orlen

Bob, death is no excuse for a lack of productivity. Just look at Elvis.


The Committee are still waiting for the edits on the document you promised Bob


Please – 640K RAM ought to be enough for anyone. Now quit whining and finish that spreadsheet.

George Wallace

Meanwhile, whilst waiting for Windows Vista to install updates…

Lori M

I told you not to use Clearwire for your ISP. You wait FOREVER!


Don’t blame me. You’re the one who said “can you download the Internet onto this floppy?”


Project specs changed again?

Paul Harris

” I told you that computer would kill you. “

Todd Sims

The end of the internet!


Cleaning Grandma’s computer again.

Christoph Heldt


Tanner Little

Maybe it’s time to switch to Chrome.

Adeem B

Told you Windows 95 is Ice Age. Are you satisfied now?

Michelle W

I know they said overtime is required but this is too much!!


Code was compiling…

Bob D

Has the network been down long ?

Aaron Wickham

When I said “Wait for it to turn back on” I should have specified…


AH..YEA..Do you have those TPS Reports??

Tom W

“Now Bob, being dead is no excuse for a missed deadline. I expect the project to be completed by lunchtime.”

Erik Nelson

You’ve been surfing the web for too long. Now the web is surfing you.


Spiderware took its toll I guess

Alan Fortune

Internet running slow again?


Take the rest of the day off… things are pretty dead around here!

David Hoerger

I think you’ve waited long enough for Zuckerberg to ‘friend’ you!


Waiting for Windows to update taking a bit too long?

Rynard Moore

I see you’re still waiting for Windows 98 to shut down…

Ben M

Virus’ really eat me up!

Michael Tucker

I guess I should have been clearer when I said “Go on the Web”…..

Mara G

I told you dial-up wasn’t going to work.

David Ross

Whatever you do, DON’T call tech support! Ask the 9 year-old down the street for help.

Krasen I

Damn this video loads forever…


I guess it’s time to upgrade…

Nathaniel A. de Panoe

Still using DSL, huh?

Nathaniel A. de Pano


You just couldn’t stop playing candy crush, could you.

Daniel M

How are you still updating facebook??


Now you know why Apple says, “The computer for the rest of us”!

Nazmul Kabir

I can’t get up! My FB feeds are not stopping!!!

Umit Y

HMMMMM! A death woman and a Windows 95 installed PC… I think the killer wants to remind us of Microsoft’s EOL date for Windows 95, December 31, 2002.

Betty Cheung

“Do Not hit the back button while the computer is installing”


I don’t care if the network response time IS slow, Margaret. Try to look like you’re doing SOMETHING!


Cnt-alt-delete darlin’, cnt- alt-delete.


Dude! Cobol?


Still using dial-up?

HY Kok

The best web browser for Windows 95

Leigh Foster

You are scared to death to use the “web” cam huh?

Richard K

On Happy Computer.

Bryan M

“You were the one that wanted to wait for everyone to get IPv6.”

David M

I finally fixed all the bugs on Microsoft Windows…too bad it’s Windows 3.1!

Stephen T

I warned you Dial-up was so slow it would be the death of you


i told you not to download that Web App. . .


Extreme Programming


In 5000 A. D. “Wow! Eureka! Amazing”, I have found the solid Evidence of social media addiction, which is exist on this earth from 21St Century.”

Ashwin S

Installation process of Windows 95 in as tough as spider net.

Bob Russell

Still waiting for the notice you won the T-Shirt from MUO?

K.i. M

Now will you cancel your account on AOL??

Cecelia Griffiths

Have you tried rebooting?

Dinesh Kumar

Damn ! Download is still incomplete.

peter braithwaite

i thought you said you were computer literate

Vs V

Must have opened the new makeuseof website!

venkatakrishna kalyanam

An error occurred while Displaying the previous Error…

Taha B

“Internet Explorer ?!”

?????? ?

1 minute to download, 1 minute to donload….

Bibek Gurung

watching “How I Met Your Mother” to find out who’s their mother really is!


…la dippyduppy dull la roop uttyroopy la goorigan gook aya gittygangool
arup cha cha adippydappydill… You’ve been spinning for 726500667:08:58

Tasneem Hameed

The new www.


“All I said is, while there is work: stay at your desk; Maybe I should have said, while there is work && it is during work hours: stay at your desk;”

Radu B

Exhibitionists love Windows

Francois B

You’re not getting overtime for this report!

Deborah Stinson

How long ago was the Research Department eliminated?

Bob Tominey

“You said “Right after this level of Candy Chrush”

Susan Matheny

Doomed Humans To The Computer Age, 2020

Sonesh L

Hacking Spiderman


just waiting for the updates

Tomasz J

A very long configuration process…

Kacey S

If only we had purchased a Mac…

Joao Carlos

C’mon. Just click “Ok to continue”…

Abhineet Tamrakar

Now who’s going to cook dinner ?


I won’t have you bringing some young girl in for supper! By candlelight, I suppose, in the cheap, erotic fashion of young men with cheap, erotic minds!

Paul G

I see you’ve encountered the Web of Death!

Told you not to listen to that video, it’s cursed!

Sean Skidd

The girls in accounting *said* you were a spinster, but this is ridiculous!

Sagar K

“I told you MakeUseOf is addictive!”

Mike Busby

Still on dial-up I see!!!

Mike Busby

OMG!!! You were a size 16 when you started, Margaret! Sure hadn’t heard of the Win 95 diet!!!

Mike Busby

Could’ve been worse, Margaret! It could’ve been Windows ME!!

Mike Busby

Dead slow is putting it a bit mildly, don’t you think?!!!

Mike Busby

When I said ‘web’ Margaret, I didn’t think you’d be here THAT long!!!

Nikhil D

I told you to stop using that 56k modem. This isn’t 1995 anymore.

Mary Katherine Watson

I told you to defrag first!!!

Floortje Bellefleur

Should have gone to Specsaver…

Robert G

Now that’s what I call a Service Pack!!!

Tiago R

“the NSA must have confused him for a terrorist!!”

Faizal Hakimi

It takes forever loading this WEB-site!

Druv B

“Computers always lie about loading time…
And after all this time, it still says ‘ Windows is starting for the first time, please wait…'”

Yvonne D

Sooo…that data entry position has been filled…How fast can you file?


“…if you are having difficulty with any other function, press tech support #109, for English tech support press 109a, . For all other problems please hold. You are now number 2,981 in line….
Please continue to hold ….

Eric N

I guess those web crawlers finally got to him

Dany B

Are you still waiting on that Inactive Proces to take less process to do something.

Rafael Kireyev

Alas, poor Yorick! He never knew the charm of a tablet.


Ok it is time to leave Gates alone, Linux doesn’t have an activation code.