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If you are a talented artist or graphics designer, you would obviously appreciate the opportunity to showcase your talent to the world. This opportunity is exactly what is offered by CYDTI (Can You Draw the Internet).

draw the internet

CanYouDrawTheInternet is a competition launched by UK-based digital agency Saint, ArtWeLove, Deviant Art, The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, and The NYC Department of Education. The competition asks people to describe the Internet in a single image.


Submissions are invited from students and professionals. While the professionals get only the privilege to showcase their work on the website, the best student submission will be awarded $100. The best entries will be featured on the site; these entries will be viewed by all visitors.


You can submit your entries on the CYDTI website. Your image must be in the JPEG, JPG, or PNG format and sized less than 3MB. You can also visit the site to browse the entries already submitted.

The submissions to the site will be sold through Artwelove with the proceeds going to New York’s public schools.


  • A drawing competition.
  • Invites entries from students and professionals.
  • Best student entry will be rewarded $100.
  • Best entries will be featured on the site.

Check out CanYouDrawTheInternet @

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