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Maintaining a list of business contacts and useful individuals in the form of a LinkedIn profile 8 LinkedIn Hacks You Should Use To Further Your Career 8 LinkedIn Hacks You Should Use To Further Your Career If you're a jobseeker or just keen to move up in the world, you've probably set up a LinkedIn profile and started building a network there. You may have put a little thought into your... Read More  or professional Facebook operation is these days business 101, but finding suitable matches with which to network is sometimes more difficult. LinkedIn allows you to make friend requests within your network, and Facebook is a free-for-all but neither can yet match the power of the new mobile networking app CanWeNetwork.

mobile app for business networking

The app currently requires a LinkedIn account, rather than signing up for another service, with another username. The developers have promised expanded social support soon, but LinkedIn seems like a fitting place to start. CanWeNetwork feeds your location as well as professional details into its powerful matching engine to make suggestions with whom you should connect to better increase your network of business contacts


With apps available for both iOS and Android there really are few limits to who can be reached. The app includes support for events you can attend with support for older events in case you need to check for a missed connection or lost contact. Similar to the original Facebook, there are networks based mostly on employers which you can join to help stay in touch with past colleagues. For travellers the app is particularly useful at suggesting locations to network, and events taking place during your stay.


  • Sign up with LinkedIn, connect with your followers or invite non-LinkedIn members.
  • Uses geographical location and credentials to find suitable matches.
  • Support for events, including past events attended for finding missed connections.
  • Apps for both iPhone and Android available for free.

Check out or download CanWeNetwork for iPhone or CanWeNetwork for Android

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