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The tech world is abuzz with everything Apple announced at WWDC last week. The one that I anticipated the most was the announcement of iOS 6, and it most definitely delivered. However, when I really thought about it, I realized that many of the awesome, revolutionary new features have been available to the jailbreak community for a long time. Of course Apple will implement them in a more clean and stylish way. After all, even if they do not do it first, they usually do it right.

If you cannot wait for iOS 6 to arrive this fall, fear not, because I will give you the hook up on the jailbreak tweaks that can add some of the awesome features right now. In fact, just the other day I wrote an entire article on how to add Facebook implementation to your iPhone How To Integrate Facebook Into Your Jailbroken Device Before iOS 6 Launches [Cydia] How To Integrate Facebook Into Your Jailbroken Device Before iOS 6 Launches [Cydia] One of the coolest features of iOS 6 is the Facebook integration. The iPhone and iPad is fully loaded with features that benefit Twitter users, but for people who only use Facebook, they are kind... Read More , so make sure to check that out if that is the main feature that interests you. If you want more than Facebook, stay tuned, because these other tweaks are fantastic as well.

3G Unrestrictor

This tweak allows you to take control of your data. With that, you could incur some pretty serious charges on your bill if you do not have an unlimited plan, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

With 3G Unrestrictor you can use FaceTime over 3G, which is one of the features Apple is touting extremely highly. I have had this tweak on my device for so long, that when Apple announced that FaceTime was coming to 3G, I actually forgot that it was not there already.

Of course, by unlocking your 3G you can do much more than use FaceTime. You can also download large apps, play Wi-Fi only multiplayer games and do pretty much anything that you can only do on Wi-Fi. It costs $4, which might be a little high for some of you, but if you need FaceTime on 3G now; I can assure you it is well worth it.



This simple tweak lets you attach images directly from the Mail app in iOS. It has been out for well over a year, and now the feature is coming to iOS 6. If you want to attach photos directly from the Mail app now, you can get this easy to use tweak for $1.00 and enjoy a feature that everyone else will have to wait months for!


With this tweak, you can quickly compose a tweet directly from the Notification Center. When you open Notification Center, it creates a little button on the bottom that you use to tweet quickly and easily. This tweak will be forgotten about once iOS 6 comes out, but you can be the envy of your friends and tweet from your Notification Center for the low lost of $0 with QuickTweet.

Pull To Refresh For Mail

Clearly, pulling to refresh is the way of the future, and Apple is rolling it into email. However, I know you are impatient, so go ahead, download this easy to use tweak, and get a preview of what it will be like when you have iOS 6 on your device.

SiriSports for AssistantExtension

I wrote a lengthy article about AssistantExtension a few months back Assistant Extensions Brings Siri To Another Level & Makes It Truly Awesome [Cydia Tweak] Assistant Extensions Brings Siri To Another Level & Makes It Truly Awesome [Cydia Tweak] One of the most compelling reasons to own an iPhone 4S is the voice assistant known as Siri. Siri does some awesome stuff, but what if you could make Siri even more awesome with a... Read More , and while it does a whole lot more than just sports, it’s a cool part of it. If the announcement that you can use Siri for sports with iOS 6 has you excited, than download SiriSports and ask Siri about all the latest happenings in the sports world months before everyone else.

Fullscreen for Safari

That demo of Safari in full screen looked really incredible. Guess what, jailbreakers have had this feature for years with a cool tweak called Fullscreen for Safari. Download it, and enjoy a larger browsing experience long before iOS 6 hits the market.


Isn’t it annoying how the store closes each time you install a new app? Thankfully, that is going away soon. Alternatively, you can make it go away now, with StayOpened. It simply allows you to shop for new apps quicker, without having to reopen the App Store each and every time you download something.


So there you have it. You cannot get everything from iOS 6 on your device now, but with these tweaks, and the Facebook ones I wrote about previously, you could get pretty close.

Do you know of any other tweaks that make your device feel more iOS 6-like? Let us know in the comments!

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