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Let’s be honest here for a second: sometimes computers can be weird 7 Fun & Weird Things You Can Create With Microsoft Excel 7 Fun & Weird Things You Can Create With Microsoft Excel Imagine Excel was fun! Excel offers plenty of scope for projects that go beyond its intended use. The only limit is your imagination. Here are the most creative examples of how people are using Excel. Read More . You’re having an issue and you’ve tried every logical fix, and the problem persists. That’s when it’s time to stop thinking logically and start thinking about weirder, offbeat fixes.

Today, we’re looking at the inability to install or preview fonts 5 Sites to Discover and Download Free Fonts 5 Sites to Discover and Download Free Fonts Finding rights-cleared fonts can be a challenge. Today Cool Websites and Tools rounds up five sites with unique fonts that just might be perfect for your next project. Read More in Windows 10. As it turns out, this issue is more common than you might think, and the solution to the problem is baffling. Hear me out, though, because as crazy as it sounds, this solution is working for users across the net.

If you’re having problems with adding new fonts, all you need to do is… turn on Windows Firewall.


To do so, just click Start and then type “Windows Firewall” into the search box. From there, click the button labeled Turn Windows Firewall on or off. Check the boxes, install your fonts, and then go back to the same screen and turn it off again (if you prefer not to use it).

Is Windows Firewall connected in any way to fonts? Not in the traditional sense, but something about having it off is causing Windows 10 to error when accepting new fonts. Once turned on, your fonts will install just like they would normally!


Did this work for you? Let us know in the comments!

Image Credit: Jumbo2010 via ShutterStock

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