Canon Launches Cloud Storage Solution For Photos With 10GB Of Free Space

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Canon is moving into the cloud with the introduction of its own service that allows users to store their photos remotely. The service, called Irista, is available now with the aim of taking on cloud storage leaders like Dropbox and Google Drive.

There is one major difference between Canon’s new cloud service and the other juggernauts in the space: Canon only stores photos. This, of course, limits its functionality for users who are looking for a single place to store all of their stuff, but for photo nuts, it could be a service that’s worth a look.

Photos of any size can be uploaded to the service, as there is no file size limit. It can also tag photos automatically, which makes it easy to search through them based on different things like location taken, time, and even the lens that was used to capture it. It’s also integrated with Facebook and Flickr, allowing users to share their photos with ease.


Some missing features include Twitter and Instagram integration, as well as any kind of photo editing tools. Still, for keeping large amounts of photos organized, it looks like it could be a viable option.

Users can get 10Gb of storage for free, with additional storage options available to members for an extra monthly fee. The premium options are only available to UK and European members in select countries, so people in the rest of the world will only be able to take advantage of the free option. Thankfully, the free option comes with all of the features, so it’s just a difference in storage limits.

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Source: Cnet

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Saikat B

A bit late in the day, but still useful I guess. Who knows later Canon could integrate auto-uploads via WiFi in the latest generation of their cameras.

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