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If you are an avid election watcher, and are finding it hard to search for your favorite candidate from the many competing ones, check out The Candidate Match Game by USA Today.

The Candidate Match Game gives the users several options to choose from which they have to answer in order to find out which candidate they are most similar to in terms of the questions answered.

The questions range from a variety of on-going issues such as Afghanistan, climate change, defense spending, etc. The user has to slide the bar depending on whether that matter is more or less important to them.

Once done, click “Begin the Quiz” and you might be asked a few questions to ensure that the results are as accurate as they can be. After answering the questions, the service will display the candidates who are most similar to you.


  • Debate different topics and find the candidate that thinks the same as you.
  • A fun and interactive way to find the best candidate to vote for.

Check out Candidate Match Game @

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