Cameroid : Web-based Photo Booth

Cameroid is a web-based Photo booth. Take snap photos using your webcam, easily enhance them using provided tools, and download them to your PC or store and share them online. “Web site Cameroid lets you play photo booth with any webcam in the comfort of your browser.”

cameroid   Cameroid : Web based Photo Booth

Cameroid Features:

  • Take pictures using your webcam. You need to have a webcam to use Cameroid.
  • Add fun effects, apply color filters, distort images, morph images, add different frames ($100 bill, MonaLisa painting etc.), set scenes, etc.
  • Download and save images to your PC or store them online.
  • Share edited images with others.

Cameroid Screencast:

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OMG i hate this i am just wanting to know how to do really cool new effects on photo both and no one will tell me at school and then now i can’t get it