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It has been a long time coming, but the popular Camera+ application is finally making its way over to iPad. Camera+ has long been the most popular and critically acclaimed iPhone camera application, and now users can take advantage of its awesome features on their iPad. In fact, Camera+ on iPhone has sold over 9 million copies, which is obviously quite an impressive number, especially when you consider how much competition it has on the App Store.

Camera+ uses iCloud to sync your photos across your devices, so iPhone users can take a picture and edit it on their iPad. If you edit a photo on one of your devices, those edits will be synced as well. The same goes for deleting a photo on one of your devices. This gives people who own an iPhone and iPad greater control over their photography.

Obviously, editing photos on iPad is quite a bit easier than on iPhone just because of the larger screen space. This should allow Camera+ users to snap and edit even better than before.

The iPad version adds a new layering feature that allows users to place effects on top of each other for smoother editing. This feature should prove quite useful for hardcore photography lovers.

Camera+ for iPhone was also updated with support for the iPhone 5’s larger screen. To celebrate the launch of the iPad app, both the iPhone and iPad app are on sale for $.99. If you are on the fence about picking up one of the best photography apps on iOS, now is the time to give it a try.


Source: Mashable

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