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Want to find out more about telemarketers that spam you? CallerComplaints is a free public user-powered database of telemarketer phone numbers, harassing callers, debt collection callers, and telephone con-artists. Here you can lookup any such phone number and see if anyone else reported it and learn more about the company behind it.

Aditionally, CallerComplaints offers a free and easy way to file a public complaint against any phone number that spams you. Keep in mind though these complaints have almost no legal power over the telemarketers. For more effective complains you might want to try National Do Not Call Registry.

Caller Complaints -


  • Find out more information about any phone number that spams you.
  • See if anyone reported it before and how many people compained about it.
  • Read recently filed complaints.
  • Check out most searched numbers: last 7 days, last month, all time.
  • Contribute by reporting telemerketer phone numbers.
  • File pubic complaints against any number.

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Miss Adamo

There is also – irritated callees may comment.


John Reilley

I think is the best database for checking on telephone scammers.


John Reilley

I think this is the best one out there.



I’ve tried – and they were very reliable.



I know of three such sites:

If your are being bother just type in the telephone number and see what comes. It pretty good info.



There’s also

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