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At times, revealing your phone number to somebody is not the wisest decision – you might be unwantedly contacted after your initial correspondence. Fortunately there are anonymous numbers that can be used to call and text others. One app that provides you with anonymous numbers is Call Safely.

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Call Safely is a phone application for Android devices. The app offers paid and free versions, with the free version carrying 45 cents of credit with it. Call Safely maps your phone number to an actual functional phone number through which your calls and texts are sent. Recipients can call you back on the actual number as long as you keep it active.  Using the app you can obtain multiple phone numbers of virtually every area code in the US.


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  1. Sherry Cook
    February 16, 2015 at 12:01 am

    It's great app...but use at your own risk. After months of no problem, the Admins at Call Safely will steal the money that you load onto your account.