Calcoolate: Virtual Scientific Calculator & Converter

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Calcoolate is an online fast scientific calculator. It has a clean interface and unlike other online calculators doesn’t clutter your screen with unnecessary calculator buttons that you can input from your keyboard (1,2,3, +, -,* etc).

It supports simple and scientific math functions (sin, cos, log etc), instantly highlights any errors in your input and automatically saves a history of your previous calculations. Simply enter any short or long calculation like 6*(5+10) and hit Enter to calculate. You can give names to your previous calculations (i.e 2+3=5=a) and use them in other calculations (a*2=10). No need to register.

virtual scientific calculator

There is also a unit converter that lets you convert between various dimensional units.


  • Easy to use virtual scientific calculator and converter.
  • Clean and simple interface.
  • Automatically saves history of previous calculation results.
  • Give names to previous calculation results and use them in future calculations.
  • Convert between various units (distance, currencies, speed, weight etc).
  • Save history of previous conversions below.
  • No registration needed.
  • Similar tools Encalc, eCalc and InstaCalc.

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