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Normally when people sign payment plans with a bank, they are not able to calculate the final costs themselves. This is mostly because they do not know how to factor in everything and how to derive the final charges. Thankfully they can use the services of a wonderful tool name CalcMoolator.

CalcMoolator is a website that offers a collection of free financial calculators online. You can use the site to compute payments involving vehicles, mortgages, jobs, taxes, money saving schemes, loans, credit cards, and anything else.

free financial calculators online

Each type of calculator has different values you input to reach your result. For instance the “Mortgage Payment Estimate Calculator” requires you to enter values of principal amount, interest rate (in percentage), duration of plan (in years), home value, annual taxes, annual insurance, and annual PMI. It factors in all these values and reaches the required mortgage amount.

Similarly other calculators on the site help people conduct financial calculations without having to learn any mathematical formulas.

free online financial calculator



  • A collection of free online financial calculator.
  • Each calculator factors in a number of values to reach a reasonably accurate result.
  • No extensive knowledge of banking or financial formulas is required.
  • Can be extrememly helpful for anybody planning to sign up a payment deal with a bank.
  • The website also has an iPhone app that Apple device owners can use.
  • Similar tools:  Mookal, MyBankTracker, IRS Withholding Calculator, WhatsTheCost, TripLittle and Repayment Calculator.

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