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Mathematics and engineering students who use others’ computers often wish that the host computer had MATLAB installed. But when you find yourself without advanced mathematics software, a web app called “Calc5” will surely help.


Calc5 is a free web app that performs advanced mathematical calculations. These calculations include variable declarations to work on them like in MATLAB, differentiation and integration of functions, and plotting 2D as well as 3D graphs. 2D graphs even support plotting multiple functions on the same pair of axes.

To view syntax guidelines for the various operations on the site’s calculator you can use the helpful buttons located in the right pane.


A history of your calculations is displayed on the webpage and can be viewed simply by scrolling down.

To see which one of your operations led to a certain result, simply click on the “Play” icon in a result’s top-right and its corresponding operation will be revealed.


Check out Calc5 @

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