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ByteSizeMatters is a simple online application that is likely to come in very handy for web designers and developers. It can tell the size of CSS text code and JavaScript code in bytes/Kb/Mb (with or without the whitespaces) which is rather useful when working with CSS or JavaScript files. With the help of this tool designer can decide whether anything else can be added to the stylesheet or JavaScript file.

size of text css

Moreover, the application also allows to enter multiple text spinets and easily compare their sizes.


  • Find out the byte size of text in CSS and Javascript files.
  • Measure the size with or without the whitespaces.
  • Takes into account line terminator differences across operating systems .
  • Free and simple to use.

Check out ByteSizeMatters @

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  1. Lea Verou
    August 30, 2009 at 9:24 am

    Thanks a lot for reviewing (byte)size matters!