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BuyMyTronics (previously BuyMyBrokeniPod) offers a quick way to sell used (and even broken) iPods or iPhones at a competitive price. Regardless of gadgets condition they will take it. Service is simple and straightforward: (1) Enter your gadget’s model and instantly get a price, (2) Ship it to provided address, and (3) Receive funds within 24 hours after it arrives at designated address.

    TechCrunch: “The price they’re offering on my slightly used (and currently bricked) 8GB iPhone is $213. My last generation 60 GB iPod is worth $63. That’s competitive with eBay prices, without the hassle. And if your iPod is broken, these guys may be one of your only choices.
BuyMyBrokeniPod - Sell Old or Broken iPods

Feature Overview

  • Easily sell any old/broken cell phone, iPod or iPhone (new, used, broken, old, damaged, …).
  • Accepts all iPhone or iPod models (iPhone 4GB/8GB, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPod Video, iPod Photo, iPod NANO, etc.)
  • Enter product details and its condition to get an estimated price.
  • Note: You’ll have to ship the unit to provided address in Colorado (US).
  • For more information check out service FAQ page.

Go to BuyMyTronics []

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