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google android phoneYou don’t have a Google Android phone yet?  Why not?  Going by many opinions out there, Android phones are the cream-of-the-crop. Without trying to start an all out flame war with the iPhone fan boys, I think you should take a look at Google’s prize of a mobile operating system.

Truly the Android is not just any phone.  Yes, you can talk and text on it, but it doesn’t stop there.  Your Android phone works hard to connect your digital life to your real life.

How many awesome articles have we shared with you so far talking about all of the cool stuff you can do with a Google Android phone?  Try some of these on for size:

Sold yet?  If you’re like I was and are in the market to get an Android phone, you need to know some things about the cell phone services offering them with their plans.

What Android Phones Do The Cell Phone Services Offer?

These days most companies offer at least some Android phones.  AT&T offers a few, so does Sprint. You can also get a Verizon android phone. Who should you go with?  Do some research and see which phone you actually want.  For instance, I was originally looking for the Droid 2 and only Verizon offered those at the time (screenshot from the Motorola site).


verizon android phone

Then I was looking for the HTC Evo (which I finally decided on) and Sprint offered those at the time (screenshot taken from the HTC website).

verizon android phone

My suggestion?  Do some research and narrow down a few of the best services in the area and only look for the phone you’re looking for within their offerings.  Then and only then narrow down the phone you want.  What good is your favorite phone with a bad plan or coverage (we’ll get into those next).

What Kind Of Plans Does The Cell Phone Company Offer?

Price is a big deal for most people.  When you begin looking, you will notice that most companies require some sort of minimum data plan to come with all smart phones.  This, I believe, is because when data-centric phones began hitting the market, people were inadvertently using data without knowing it.  The problem comes when a data plan is not purchased, the as-you-need-it basis is very expensive.  Now, they make you get some sort of data plan to avoid much of the trouble.

Personally, I found a company that offered me the best deal on unlimited data.  This gives me all kinds of room to use and test all the many Android features.  One example is if you are planning on using services that stream music such as Pandora Pandora - Your Personal Online DJ (Music Player) Pandora - Your Personal Online DJ (Music Player) Read More you will be using a lot of data (the app even warned me before getting too far into using it).  Also, think about how much data you’ll be using if you stream or upload a lot of video.

If you are planning on making full use of the Android Market with all of the free apps for downloading, you’re going to want a good amount of data to use.  My advice, do what I did and find a good deal on unlimited data.

Then there’s the minutes and texting.  I also chose unlimited texting because I use it all the time.  If you don’t, don’t waste the money.  You may even be able to find a plan offering free cell-to-cell and considering how many people these days have cell phones this kind of deal could be a decision-maker.  As far as Android phones go, watch the data.  You may talk and text very little but depend heavily on Internet-based apps and services.  Watch… your… data!

Coverage Can Make Or Break A Google Android Phone

You can have the best phone the market has to offer and could have even scored yourself the best cell phone plan on the planet but if you have no coverage where you are, what’s the point?  Look closely at the maps all of the companies  should have on hand.  They ought to be able to show you where you can and can’t get service and whether or not roaming charges will apply.

google android phone

If you are thinking about adding 4G on your plan, make sure it’s offered in your area.  Don’t waste your precious money on something you can’t use.

My Conclusions From Personal Experience

Before I share my personal opinions, realize they are relative to my own needs and my area.  If something is not true or available in your area, it’s not my fault.

As far as coverage and service goes, Verizon rocks the Central New York world.  Everyone knows that Verizon has the largest strongest reach and the fact is never really argued.  They offer a few of the cooler Android phones like the Droid 2, Droid X and Droid Incredible.  I believe their data plan is one of the most expensive, however.

The other big player, in my opinion, is Sprint.  They offer a good plan that includes unlimited data, talk and text.  The price is very reasonable so they got my attention.  They didn’t have as good coverage as Verizon but they roam off Verizon’s towers for free so all is good.  Offering the HTC Evo sealed the deal.

Do you have an Android phone?  What kind do you have and what kind of service are you sporting with it?  Tell us what you think.

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