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Last week, we asked you when you last saw spam in your inbox When did you last see SPAM in your inbox? [MakeUseOf Poll] When did you last see SPAM in your inbox? [MakeUseOf Poll] Read More . It seems that there are still plenty of people out there suffering from spam each day. However, some readers were kind enough to leave comments with some great tools for avoiding spam mail. Worth checking out if you’re in need of a solution!

Out of 329 total votes, 31% of people always see spam in their inbox. Another 19% of readers see spam weekly, while 4% see spam every fortnight. Out of the readers who are largely free of spam, 6% saw spam within the last month, 19% see spam once in a blue moon and 21% can’t recall the last time they saw spam.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

As you can see, over half of MakeUseOf readers still suffer regularly from spam.

This week’s poll question is: How often do you buy software?


This includes software for your smartphone, too.

If you’ve recently bought some great software, let us know in the comments!

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