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The Internet is really big. So big in fact, that when you’re providing a link on a given subject, you might want it to lead to more than one destination. Enter Butns. This service allows you to create a link that goes to many different places, including Wikipedia,Facebook and Google (just to name a few.)

Here’s how it works: you go to and enter the phrase you want your link to lead to. You then select a visual style for your Butns link, then select which sites the link should point to. Then pick from a few basic formatting options and select which sources you’d like the link to point to. Once you’re done all that you’ll be given the code needed to embed a Butns link on your website.

link to multiple pages

The resulting link is easy for your viewers to use: they mouse over the text and are then presented with a few options. A Butns link for “Ninja,” for example, can point people toward the Wikipedia page about Ninjas, a Google Search for Ninjas and a YouTube video involving Ninjas. You’re providing access to multiple pages from a single link.

Of course, to some, such links may seem tacky – and some users may interpret the links as advertisements. But overall this is a good service and, when used well, could really help your readers out.

link to multiple pages



  • Link to multiple webpages with a single link.
  • Select from many different potential destinations.
  • Outputs code you can embed on your site/blog.

Check out Butns @

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