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BustaName helps you find available domain names based on the entered keywords. Enter the keywords that best describe your future website and BustaName will bring back all available domain names using these keywords. You can extend the search further by adding synonyms, adding suffixes/prefixes, dropping vowels, etc. Once you get a list of available domain names you can sort them alphabetically, rank by quality and add potential candidates to your watch list.

BustaName - The best Domain Name Lookup tool


  • Generate and search for available domains.
  • Word Combiner : Enter keywords that describe your website and it’ll generate all available domain names using 2 or more of these words.
  • Instantly lookup keyword synonyms and add them to ‘Word Combiner’ to extend the keyword pool.
  • if you don’t want certain keywords to be considered together then you can separate them into groups.
  • Bookmark domains you like for later.
  • Extend search: Add suffix / prefix, drop vowels, pluralize nouns etc.
  • Includes the option to quickly check who owns the domain name.
  • Free. No emai or registration required.

[Video] Find Domains with Bust A Name

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