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Burn Note is an interesting way to communicate with friends online, especially if you love your privacy as much as we do.

self destructing notes

Burn Note is a website that allows users to write notes, generate a private link, which you can send to your recipient. The recipient can then use the link to read the note, which you can even protect with a password. Once the recipient reads the note, Burn Note automatically ‘burns’ the note from the Burn Note server and removes any trace of it from phones and computers.

The website also allows users to configure some options, which either enables or disables a user from copying a text. The user can also set a timer after which the note will be burned/deleted from the Internet.


  • Effective way for communicating privately.
  • Ensure privacy by disabling copying of text and configuring deletion of note after set timer.
  • Note is complete erased from the Internet and no trace is left.
  • Similar tools: OneTimeMessage, SelfDestruct, Norbt, and Send.

Check out Burn Note @


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  1. Shankar
    May 12, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    How to keep a copy for reference?.