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Are you looking for a way to increase your typing speed? If yes, then you could go for one of the many typing tutor programs available. But why go for a boring typing application when you can get better results by playing an online game to increase typing speed ? The game being referred to is Burning Cargo.

game to increase typing speed

Burning Cargo is a simple and free to use online game. The purpose of the game is to increase your typing speed and accuracy. In the game you are the pilot of an airplane that delivers cargo from one city to another. If you type the given letters accurately within the allotted time, your airplane arrives at its destination safely. Each typing mistake brings the plane down a notch. Bring it down low enough and the plane crashes.

Your progress throughout the game is monitored and each safe journey is awarded points.

game to learn typing

The game is accompanied by a great storyline and real maps covering a thousand cities all of which work together and make the game more interesting.


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