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Are you interested in knowing how your spending patterns compare with others? If you are, then you should bookmark Bundle’s Everybody’s Money. This web site provides one of the most comprehensive online data for consumer spending patterns in the United States.

consumer spending patterns

To get started with Bundle, click on Spending to view the generated data on spending patterns. Browse through the animated bubbles according to basic criteria such as age, type of household, amount of income, and location, or according to spend type. You can find out how people where they spend their money on by hovering your cursor over the bubbles and clicking Go Deep to view the details. You can also take the Bundle Spending Quiz to find out what kind of spender you are and compare your results with your Facebook friends.

Everybody’s Money is a useful web tool that provides a new approach to personal budgeting. This is a great budgeting app for those who do not know how or where to cut back and start saving.

consumer spending patterns


  • Contains the most comprehensive collection of free spending and savings data on the web
  • Lets you find out how other people handle the same decisions to learn what works and what doesn’t
  • Date-generated content with insights from the Bundle staff and community.
  • Take the Bundle Spending Quiz to know what kind of spender are you.
  • Similar Tools: VisualEconomics and TipJar

Checkout Bundle Everybody’s Money @

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