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If you have used both Google Maps and Bing Maps then you’ll know that both tools have their own specialties when it comes to finding directions online. Buncha Maps is a web based service that combines these two, as well as ESRI Maps and OSM in a single window so that you can search all of them at the same time. It’s a grid based interface that has all the 4 maps arranged neatly and here’s the best part – actions across all of them are synchronized. So when you move in one map, you are moved automatically, in a similar fashion, in all the other maps.


Buncha Maps could prove to be useful for those who need more than what one of the map tools has to offer. It doesn’t require you to sign in either so it’s all smooth and easy.


  • Search Google Maps, Bing Maps, ESRI Maps and OSM simultaneously.
  • Actions across all the maps remain in sync.

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