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Email is probably the most ubiquitous messaging system today, but even our own e-mails get caught up in a flood of spam.  Bullguard is a great anti spam software that allows you to filter out spam and manage your inbox for you. Unlike tools that merely put up a wall around your inbox, Bullguard works outside that wall and proactively looks for spam by setting up a collaborative filter from the Bullguard community.

anti spam software

Once you have installed Bullguard Spam Filter, setting up your e-mail client to work with Bullguard is a snap. The software works with Outlook and Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Windows Live Mail. Once your email accounts and clients are configured, direct Bullguard to scan your account and mark potential spam messages. You can also block specific emails and mark them as spam to help improve the collaborative filter. You can also unblock wrongly marked messages to let the Bullguard filter know of false positives.

Bullguard also allows you to set-up your personal email whitelists and blacklists. You can also automatically whitelist an email by replying to it. A simple status checker will let you know how clean your emails are and let you view relevant statistics.

anti spam software

Bullguard’s collaborative filter also does more than block spam – the more users that use the software, the more effective the filter is against phishing, virus-spreading emails, and foreign language spam.



  • Free download.
  • Filters spam going to your email.
  • Works with Outlook, Thunderbird and Windows Live.
  • Fast and lightweight.
  • Uses collaborative filter to increase spam detection.
  • Whitelist and blacklist emails.
  • Filtering system becomes  more effective  as time goes on.

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