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There are two critical elements in building a successful startup: a slick idea and the right people. Sometimes, we have the skills but lack the ideas, while most of the time, we have all the ideas but none of the skillset to make it all work. BuildItWithMe is a website that connects developers, designers, and ideas together.

connect developers

This website basically helps you find designers and developers who are looking for potential partners to develop apps, be it for an iPhone, Mac, Windows, Android, or any other app. After signing up, complete your profile to introduce yourself to potential partners and post your ideas for others to see. The contact details (Twitter, email, relevant URL) for designers and developers are readily available from the profile pages.

The idea pages are very detailed to aid you in choosing the right project. In addition, you can filter the idea list based on the type of app, development status, and offerings.

BuilItWithMe is also ideal for job-hunters or for anyone looking for online business opportunities.



  • Connects design and development entrepreneurs.
  • View the list based on people and ideas.
  • Build your profile and post your own ideas.
  • Actively seek the right people/app idea for you.
  • List filters helps you find the best project for you.
  • Completely profile and idea pages lets you full understand what each project is all about.

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